Issue Zero Cover Page

Issue Zero Cover Page

The editorial staff (all of one so far) at Old School Quarterly (OSQ) is currently hard at work putting together the inaugural issue. I’ll bet you’re wondering why it’s being called Issue Zero rather than Issue One or Issue 1? That’s because this is a test issue, and is being used to see the viability of long-term production of a quarterly magazine with its unique format, publication, and marketing approach within the tabletop gaming community.

What’s unique about it?

It’s uniqueness is made up of all the different elements that in the mix:

  • OSQ is a digest-sized publication rather than the normal full-sized publications that are standard in the industry.
  • It is being supported by a Patreon that allows those who back it this way to get access to issues at reduced prices, as well as receiving additional patron-only content!
  • Its focus is on broad support of old school games, not just a single game product or line.
  • It’s an advertiser-supported magazine following a modified version of the traditional magazine production model.
  • It’s being released in electronic (PDF) and print on demand (POD) formats at the same time into consumer and retail channels.
  • This model merges electronic, web, and print media together so that not only is there worldwide support for readership, but the reader chooses the medium that they want to read the magazine in, and they can choose when to buy it – it never goes out of print. It will be available via OneBookShelf, Lulu, and Createspace.
  • Purchase of a physical print copy through consumer or retail channels entitles a reader to a copy of the digital version of an issue.
  • Digital copies of the publication include bookmarks and hyperlinks out to products mentioned in issues via publisher and affiliate web sites so that you go from the magazine to the product in question.
  • Content is sourced from creators and publishers within the old school community, both nuggets and veterans, including those who publish the game products being played today.
  • Downloads of maps, handouts, and other support materials from the website, as well as layer support in digital version so you can maximize your use of the publication.

Sound cool? We think so.

So, what’s coming in Issue Zero?

  • Three full adventures:
    • one for d6 Space where you must team up with enemy agents to stop a mass murderer
    • one for Silent Legions where an ancient evil has been loosed upon the world again, and
    • one for Swords & Wizardry, where love brings terror and horror to a small village
  • A look at The Hellenic Pantheon and how to use the Dodekatheo in your game of Labyrinth Lord or other games so that you can play games in Mythic Greece
  • Praetor Sector, a setting  to play a new Traveller campaign in inspired by the Roman Empire
  • Number Appearing, our monsters column, where we take a look at a number of creatures of alien origin
  • The first Patron Age spotlight, where we look at someone running their own Patreon and get the skinny on why they did it, what it means to them, and what it brings to the community
  • Something special for those who are interested in clearing up the strange things in their neighborhood
  • An article looking at the use of special shrines in your temples or home bases that give short-term powers to those who use them
  • A how-to that changes the entire dynamic of your Basic-era Dungeons & Dragons game by giving everyone access to spells and gods, getting rid of those pesky exclusive Cleric and Magic User classes
  • The Ratatoskr, Halfling squirrel riders. Brought to you by the Lord of the Feet himself, James M. Spahn.
  • Alien technology for Mutant Future and post-apocalyptic games, paying homage to some classic old school adventure modules
  • Amberport Part 1, which introduces a system-neutral fantasy city and hints at some of the sinister elements that can be found there
  • A one page dungeon (technically across two pages) fully of mystery
  • A bunch of house rules that you can use to spice up your various games
  • And whatever else we can fit in!

Issue Zero is due to drop October 2016. Keep an eye on our blog entries to keep up to date on what’s happening as we’ll be posting updates there as things continue to progress, including teasers of internal articles and artwork.



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Cover art for Issue Zero: After The Storm by Maf04. Used under an Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic License.

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