Update on Issue Zero and New Schedule Going Forward

It’s a truism throughout tabletop gaming history, and particularly true today, that the majority of content being developed and released is by small companies, small confederations of like-minded individuals, or the individual creator who is self-publishing. It’s another truism that products are often late in being developed and released. Another is that for most people, working in tabletop gaming isn’t a full-time vocation, but rather something that they stack on top of everything else they do in their ever-busy lives.

Old School Quarterly Issue Zero sits at the crosshairs of all of these truisms. InfiniBadger Press is mostly a one-man show, although a number of upcoming projects are being written and developed by others; the core of the organization really comes down to one person doing the bulk of everything. This means that when life comes along and throws curveballs like changes in professional life or family member health, there’s a lot of reprioritization and reorganization that goes on, which is challenging at times when there’s a lot of unknowns. Sometimes this is handled well, and at other times, not so much. We’re only human, right. Okay, some of us are badgers.

The original dates chosen for the publication of Old School Quarterly Issue Zero were aggressive but also had some buffer time built in case some things came along to delay publication. Alas, the delays for Issue Zero have been so much that a total of three months have been lost, going beyond the buffer time. This means that original schedule is out of date. The great thing about using a quarterly schedule though is that’s its pretty easy to get things back on track.

The following is being done to get Issue Zero and all following issues on publication track:

  • Issue Zero is still going to be the first released issue, but will be released as the Fall 2015 issue rather than the Summer 2015 issue, meaning it will be released mid in October. All other issues are going to be pushed back one quarter. The submission and publication dates for quarters will stay the same as the original schedule. Essentially, all issues are just pushed back three months. The graphic below shows the new deadline and publication dates going forward for Submissions:
    OSQ Revised Submission Schedule
  • Production of Issue Zero continues. Much of the issue was already developed, but due to the changed schedule, there needs to be some redevelopment of a couple of pieces. This is being worked on as quickly as possible. Some of the content that was going to appear in Issue Zero is going to be moved to a later issue which is more appropriate regarding the theme of the content. This does not include content written by freelancers that has been already submitted under contract – that content will be appearing. Two of the adventures appearing in Issue Zero are actually more appropriate for a Fall issue rather than a Summer issue, anyway, so it works out well.
  • Advertising Kits are being updated to reflect these new dates:
    OSQ Revised Advertising Schedule
  • There is still a need for some content for Issue One from freelancers. If you’re interested in submitting for this issue, the deadline for queries is November 15, meaning there’s still time to get in your queries. There will be a page going up for the issue shortly.
  • New processes have been put into place to ensure that this sort of slippage doesn’t happen again.
  • Existing submissions and queries that have been submitted are being processed in the order in which they came in. It may be surprising to some, but it does take a lot of time and effort to perform communication, reviewing, and editing of submitted work, and this time cuts into production and other work.

Communication with freelancers and advertisers regarding content hasn’t been as focused as it should have been – this will be remedied over the next week as the schedule is brought into line.

The launch of any new endeavor is always fraught with potential problems, so thanks for understanding and bearing with the launch of what we plan to be a strong publication that will not only weather this short delay but be all the stronger from it.


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