Marvin The Mage Comes To OSQ!

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Old School Quarterly (OSQ) is proud to announce that Mudpuppy Comics’¬†Marvin The Mage is appearing in every issue! Written by Jim Wampler and illustrated by James V. West, there will be an initial five-issue story arc (covering Issues Zero to Five) presented in a double-page spread of fine magical mayhem and mishappednessenings (a perfectly cromulent word!). The first story arc is titled “Expedition to the Scarier Peaks” and finds Marvin and Tarrin the Elf forced to enter a dungeon by an old enemy. What will unfold upon this journey? You’ll just have to read our magazine to find out!

Find out more about Marvin by visiting the official site and reading the four FREE issues there!

Marvin The Mage (Mudpuppy Comics)

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