Update on Issue Zero

OSQ Issue Zero Contents Page Left Top Sample

Work is progressing on layout for Issue Zero. Due to a few factors, the issue is coming out slightly later that originally planned, but it’s still within our release window buffer. Layout is coming along well, but there’s going to be a change to a couple of pieces of content in the first issue for editorial reasons with at least one article being pushed off into Issue One (the Fall issue) which will be replaced with some other content that is more aligned with the themes of this introductory issue, which has a focus on aliens and space.

In other news, we recently were approved to provide content for additional Goblinoid Games and Pacesetter Games under license, and we’re working on adding some more licenses to the mix as well. This will further expand that availability of game system support in future issues of the publication, which means that readers are going to have access to even more diverse content! The Submission Guidelines are going to be updated shortly to reflect the new licenses, and we’re going to put a webpage together that lists all of the licenses we have access to for easy reference outside of that document.

And with these new licenses, it also means that we’re looking for submissions for the magazine to use them on top of for existing ones. With each issue having three adventures in it, as well as lots of other space to fill, we’re continually looking for content. We’re still looking for adventures for future issues, so if you want to write for us, we’re open to receiving Initial Queries for not only adventures, but lots of other content.  On the front page of the site there’s always a listing of the open calls for content that we’re specifically looking for, so be sure to check that out and see what we need filled.

Contracts for work in later issues are going out within the next week, so if you’re already been speaking to us about writing for us and we’re wanting to write for us, then keep an eye out for those dropping in your email mailbox shortly. But there’s still some open spots, so if you have an idea, contact us with your idea and see if we’re interested in publishing it. The deadline for that is August 15th, 2015. Remember that you get to keep your copyright to any work you allow us to publish, and you get paid for your work appearing in the magazine, so it’s a huge win for you as a creator! Contact us today!

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