Of Adverts and Uploading and Dropboxing

To make it easier for advertisers to get their adverts to us (both print and web) at Old School Quarterly (OSQ), we’ve implemented a web-based interface that can be used to select adverts and then send them through the ether directly into our dropbox. This eliminates the need for any complex piece of shared software or accounts on cloud services, as well as problems encountered sending large files through e-mail.

The dropbox can be found at http://oldschoolquarterly.com/dropbox

Below is a screenshot of what the form for the dropbox uploader looks like. The section highlighted is the special password field where you need to enter the current issue’s dropbox password, which is given to advertisers by OSQ staff. This password changes each issue and acts as a better mousetrap CAPTCHA to ensure that only advertisers upload files; from a security standpoint, we can also disable uploads almost immediately simply by changing the password on the form, so it’s a great solution for us, and advertisers don’t have to squint and try to make out numbers or letters on hard-to-read CAPTCHAs that have been proven not to really be effective.

OSQ Advert Dropbox

The quick and painless way to send us your adverts.

Once you’ve entered the password on the form, a new button saying SEND NOW will appear at the bottom of it, allowing you to complete submitting your advert(s). Some of the fields are required and are marked with an asterisk for your convenience. That’s it. Pretty easy.

Oh, and if you’re looking to advertise in Old School Quarterly, you can check out our Advertising Kit and consider your options for the upcoming Issue One.

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