Three Is The Number Of The Counting

Here at Old School Quarterly (OSQ), our plan is to deliver THREE FULL adventures in every issue that we publish. If you do the calculations, that works out to be one adventure per month (as we’re a quarterly publication). To do this, we’ve set up some ground rules that govern how we choose what gets published:

  • the three adventures in each issue must all be of a different genre
  • the three adventures in each issue must be for different game systems
  • the three adventures must totally rock [the Casbah, the house, etc..]
  • any adventures in the issue following can be for the one or more of the same genre, but not for the same game systems

Following these ground rules allows us to cover a diverse number of genres and systems over a single year. Remember that we’re all about old school games in general, so we want to shake things up and make sure that we’re being diverse in content, not just publishing the same kind of stuff again and again and again.  The main genres that will we want to cover (in no real order) are:

  • fantasy
  • science-fiction
  • horror
  • post-apocalyptic
  • cyberpunk
  • historical
  • superhero
  • contemporary/modern
  • cross-genre

As it happens we’ve been getting a lot of Initial Queries for fantasy content, so we’re looking to publish adventures in other genres. We’ve even gone so far as to post on the front page of the site a list of the current slots available and what genres are already taken by potential submissions.

As a reminder, Issue Zero is going to have the following three adventures in it:

  • The Dakkan Job for d6 Space (science fiction)
  • The Ones That You Love for Swords & Wizardry (fantasy)
  • Disharmony Storm for Silent Legions (horror)

If you’re interested in writing an adventure for any of the genres listed above, check out the Submission Guidelines and drop us a line.

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