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Excuse the mess here at as we finish building the site here. In the next few days we’re going to be releasing the following documents:

  • Submission Guidelines: This tells you how you can write for us, what you get paid, and all the basic rules to follow
  • Style Guide: This explains exactly how to write and what language to use, for the whole site as well as for individual sections, as well as giving guidance on things like in-line stat blocks and how you use the OGL.
  • Advertising Kit: This is for creators and publishers who want to take advantage of our excellent advertising options within the magazine, on the website, and on partner sites. We’ve created a package that we think will make not only be truly effective, but offer fantastic value for money.

We’re also working on setting up forums, as well as mailing lists, and a few things.

Bear with as we get this thing rocking and rolling!

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